Television & Cultural PluralismStudents will be asked to write a research paper that examines a popular television program in terms of its depiction of issues revolving around the area of cultural pluralism (race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality).Choose one of the following to write on:All in the Family or The Cosby ShowWrite an analysis of the program’s dealing with issues surrounding the areas of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference. Your main goal in this essay should be. For example, were there charges an attempt to examinehow issues surrounding the area of cultural pluralism were dealt with via a form of mainstream popular entertainment of racism, sexism, or ethnic intolerance made against the show during its era of production or later? You shouldcompare/contrastthe program to other similar shows (both before and after) that dealt with similar themes. Examinewhat impact the program had upon the culture at large. For example, has MTV’s “Jersey Shore” led to more stereotyping of Italians? Have Italian-American culture groups protested against the show, and to what result?IMPORTANT:The above describes what the paper needs to entail. Do notinclude the history of programs creation, production, and critical/popular reception. I have already completed that part. Focus on the areas discussed above.· The length should be approximately 2 full pages (double-spaced).· A minimum oftwo sourcesare required to support your research. Students are encouraged to look at critical reviews, academic journals, periodicals, interviews, reference books, etc.· Wikipedia is not considered an appropriate primary source for college-level essays.· Each student should employ eitherfootnotes or endnotes as a means of citation. You are encouraged, but not required, to employ theMLA style format.

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