Task 1: Online discussion forum activity posts (20 marks) 10%
You need to take a screen shot of each of the following posts to your group forum and copy them onto your assignment document. The posts include:
1. Your post to your week 9 group forums (10 marks)
2. Your response post to a peer’s week 10 group forum post (10 marks)
Take a screen shot of the posts and copy them on to your assignment document. Make sure your name and the date of posting is included in the screen shot.
Task 2: E-portfolio (10 marks) 5%
1. Create your NUR1102 e-portfolio page
2. Upload at least one example of the mandatory documents you need to complete for your placements to your e-portfolio_page https://usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/m2/course/view.php?id=12138&section=3
3. Write 200-300 words, in one paragraph, about how you are developing your health and digital literacies and your critical thinking. Support your information with relevant literature and associated (minimum of three) in text references. Include the paragraph as a text box within your e-portfolio.
4. Create your secret URL (see PowerPoint on “How to set up your e-portfolio”) for your NUR1102 e-portfolio page, and copy and paste your secret URL onto your assignment document submission.

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