TARLAR Athly A best deal Interesan tasy Destiny Which of the following ud help diversity US. A portfolio sisted of European Stocks BUS. Federal bonds CAn apartment in Upper West Mantan D. Aloun derivative backed by mortgages originated in New York City 10. If you purchase a 5 year, zero-coupon bond for $691.72, how much could it be sold for years later if interest rates have remained stable? A. 58-48.12 B. $911.15 C. 5923.50 D. $862.92 II. A stock currently sells for $50 per share, has an expected retum of 1st and expected capital appreciation rate of 10%. What is the amount of the expected divide A. $3.00 B. $2.75 C.$3.50 D. $2.50

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