This assignment is designed to give you some practice and experience writing Java applications using variables, keyboard input and if-statements. Each question specifies the name that each application should have. Please follow this naming convention. When you have completed the assignment compress all of your files into a single archive using Windows (Right Click folder -> Send To -> Compressed Folder) or OS X (Right Click folder -> Compress). Using a 3rd party compression utility such as WinRAR or 7zip may render your files unreadable and un-markable. Submit single compressed file to D2L. You can resubmit your files as many times as you would like up to the due date and time. Be sure to include your name and a brief description of your program (as comments) at the top of each file. Pay attention to using good variable names. If you have any questions please check or post to the forum. Submit solutions for these questions. Wherever applicable, do your best to reproduce my output exactly. In my sample bold indicates user-input. A word in general on assignment grading (for future assignments): If your program produces the displayed output and meets the criteria specified in the question you should expect to receive full marks. Deductions are taken when there are deviations in the output – small deductions for small deviations (calculation error, improper formatting, etc.) while larger deductions are taken for larger deviations (missing output, substantially incorrect values, etc.). Express your creativity in your code, not in your output. Also, deductions will be taken for: • lack of comments • poor variable names • programs that don’t run or compile at all (large deduction), so make sure your program compiles and runs, even if it is not complete. If you have any questions or concerns about the grading scheme before you submit an assignment please post to the forum and ask for clarification. If you have concerns about the grading you’ve received on an assignment, please email me and I will review the grading form. Do all of the questions to ensure that you are practicing all the concepts. It is assumed that you are doing all questions and some of the solutions may be referenced in future assignments. Question 1. (, 10 marks) (8 marks) Collect two integer values from the user. Based on these values display the sum, difference, product, average, distance (absolute difference), maximum and minimum. Sample output is provided below: C:UserschrisDesktop>java question1 Enter two integers: 10 20 Sum:30 Difference:-10 Product:200 Average:15.0 Distance:10 Maximum:20 Minimum:10 C:UserschrisDesktop>java question1 Enter two integers: 101 52 Sum:153 Difference:49 Product:5252 Average:76.5 Distance:49 Maximum:101 Minimum:52 (2 marks) Do the same work outlined above BUT have the output aligned in the following manner: C:UserschrisDesktop>java question1 Enter two integers: 101 52 Sum: 153 Difference: 49 Product: 5252 Average: 76.5 Distance: 49 Maximum: 101 Minimum: 52 Question 2. (, 5 marks) Write a program that takes as input the price of a meal. The program then computes and displays the tax (13%) and the total for the bill. If the meal price is < 0, error and quit the program. C:UserschrisDesktop>java quest

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