“Major Factors ” Please respond to the following:Present an argument that supports one of the following factors of the communication process that you deem to be the most significant in integrated marketing communication ? the source, the message, or the channel. Based on what you identified to be the most significant factor, discuss the implications to you as a decision maker on advertisements.From the e-Activity, using the concepts you have studied up to this point, reconstruct the message of the ad you selected. Discuss how your revision improves upon the original. Start the discussion with a brief description of the advertisement.”The Messenger ” Please respond to the following:Assume you have a product you need to create an advertisement for. Using the first four components of the communication model, create an advertisement for the product. Provide a written explanation for each component. Provide a graphical presentation for this advertisement. Be sure to identify what the product is.Online students should review classmates’ posts and on-ground students can respond in class to the following: Speculate who the receiver or decoder of the advertisement is likely to be. In addition, identify one area of improvement for the advertisement and one where the student did very well using terminology and concepts discussed in the textbook.

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