strategic goals for Coca ColaThink through and map out the tasks within the project. This assignment will focus on planning out the individual aspects of the project using project management tools. You will be able to use Word or Excel for this assignment. (Choose whichever you’re more familiar with.) It’s important to think through the goal you’re trying to accomplish and how you’ll reach it. The more detailed you can be with your tasks, the smoother the project management cycle will go. your paper needs to include:Create a basic chart that lists out at least 8 tasks required to complete your chosen strategic management goal ( how to simplify and streamline operations at Coca Cola) and estimates on how long each will take to complete.Create a Gantt chart using the tasks listed in the previous chart.Create a network diagram using the tasks listed out in the previous chart.Analyze your created Gantt chart and network diagram. Identify two potential issues that may be a cause for concern when the project gets underway.

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