Question 1Examine the time series provided in Excel #1a-c to identify the components present(trend, cyclical, seasonal, and/or irregular), with an indication of whether the componentseems strong, moderate, or weak. Provide a brief explanation to support yourconclusions.Type your answer hereQuestion 2Explain and contrast the four measures of forecast accuracy.Type your answer hereQuestion 3The average SAT verbal score for students from one high school over the last ten examsis 508, 490, 502, 505, 493, 506, 492, 490, 503, 501Do the scores support an increasing or a decreasing trend? Explain.Type your answer hereQuestion 4The number of properties newly listed with a real estate agency in each quarter over thelast four years is given below. Assume the time series has seasonality without trend.YearQuarte1r234173 81 76 77289 87 91 883123 115492 95 87 97101208a.Develop the estimated regression equation that minimize the sum of squared error(highest R^2).b.Evaluate the accuracy of that estimated regression equation against known data.c.Forecast the four quarters of Year 5.Question 5A 24-hour coffee/donut shop makes donuts every eight hours. The manager mustforecast donut demand so that the bakers have the fresh ingredients they need. Tab #5contains the actual number of glazed donuts (in dozens) sold in each of the preceding13 eight-hour shifts. Forecast the demand for glazed donuts for the Day, Evening, andNight shifts of June 8.Type your answer hereQuestion 6Quarterly revenues (in $1,000,000’s) for a national restaurant chain for a five-yearperiod are shown in Tab #6 of the Excel file. Forecast the four quarters of year 6.Type your answer hereQuestion 7Business at Terry’s Tie Shop can be viewed as falling into three distinct seasons: (1)Christmas (November-December); (2) Father’s Day (late May – mid-June); and (3) allother times. Average weekly sales (in $’s) during each of these three seasons duringthe past four years is shown in Tab #7 of the Excel file. Forecast sales for the nextyear.Type your answer hereQuestion 8Coyote Cable has been experiencing an increase in cable service subscribers over thelast few years due to increased advertising and an influx of new residents to theregion. The number of subscribers (in 1000’s) for the last 16 months are shown in Tab#8 of the Excel file. Forecast subscription rates for months 17, 18, 19, 20.Type your answer hereQuestion 9Weekly sales of the Weber Dicamatic food processor for the past ten weeks are shownin Tab #9 of the Excel filea. Determine, on the basis of minimizing the mean square error, select the mostappropriate moving average model to use.b. Forecast sales for week 11 using the model selected in a.Type your answer hereQuestion 10Connie Harris, in charge of office supplies at First Capital Mortgage Corp., wouldlike to predict the quantity of paper used in the office photocopying machines permonth. She believes that the number of loans originated in a month influence thevolume of photocopying performed. She has compiled the following recent monthlydata:Number of LoansOriginatedSheets of Photocopy Paper Used (000s)25162513351840254021452250246025a. Develop the regression equation that relates sheets of photocopy paper used toloans originated.b. Use the regression equation developed in part (a) to forecast the amount of paperused in a month when 70 loan originations are expected
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