Show transcribed image text 1. Write a PIC Assembly module to swap the contents of Xvar with Yvar you can use if needed. The variables are stored as noted below: Xvar EQU 0x70 Yvar EQU 0x71 Zvar EQU 0x72 Note: These are in common RAM so that they do not require any bank select since they are replicated a cross all banks 2. Now write the same function but use C code. Don’t worry about the rest of the program and the variables are defined as: unsigned int X,Y,Z; 3. Using Variables X=0xAA. Y=0x0F, Z=0xF0 give the results at lable Ansr (assume in common RAM): Start movf X,w andwf Y,F andwf Z,F movwf X Ansr ;Now Y= Z= X= 4. Write a program in C to give the same results:

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