Part 1: Practical Tasks To complete this assessment, you will be required to complete six (6) practical tasks to demonstrate your skills in this unit. You will need access to a computer with the student edition of MYOB 2018.3 and a copy of the MYOB file FNSTPB402_AE_Sk_3of3_SR. If you have not already been provided with this file, please ask your teacher where it can be located. Please note there is existing data processed in this file to assist with the preparation of Task 6. DO NOT delete or edit any data processed prior to 31/5/2019. These practical tasks will be will be assessed by reviewing submitted reports as evidence. It is important that you make sure all required reports are submitted correctly. Failure to do so could result in a resubmission being requested. Once completed you will need to submit this assessment and the reports you are required to print to your assessor for marking. Create a folder on your USB called “Frasers Payroll”. Task 1: Setup Payroll System 1. Open the MYOB file FNSTPB402_AE_Sk_3of3_SR in MYOB 2018.3. 2. Add your name to the company address by going to Company Information under the Setup menu. 3. Add the new wage categories or amend as follows:

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