San Diego State University Unemployment Rate & Record the California State Essay


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Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Links to an external site.) (BLS) website: 1. find and record the national seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for May 2018, and October 2009. 2. Find and record the California state seasonally adjusted  unemployment rate for May 2018, and October 2010. 3. Find and record the unemployment rate, not seasonally adjusted, for the “San Diego-Carlsbad metropolitan area” for May 2018 (Hint: the information is Archived).4. Find and record the definition for “Unemployed Persons” in the Glossary which is usually linked on the bottom each page. 5. Locate the BLS report A Profile of the Working Poor, 2015 (Hint: use the BLS search box) and record how many individuals, described as the “working poor” in the first paragraph of that report, fell below the “official poverty level” in 2015. 6. Using Table 2 (not Chart 2) of this same report, which racial/ethnic group of people in the labor force “16 years or older” had the largest number (not rate) “Below poverty level”: a) White, b) Black or African American, c) Asian, or d)Hispanic or Latino? 7. Finally, what is the Bureau of Labor Statistics as stated in Frequently Asked Questions? Only half credit for late postings!

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