Research paper -This paper is on a critical organizational challenge and applicable models/theories. Each student will identify an organizational challenge faced by a business, an organization, or an industry. For example, what significant organizational challenges are credit card companies facing? What specific organizational challenges are financial institutions facing? What organizational challenges are distribution centers facing? What organizational challenges are retail stores facing? What challenges are being faced by health care companies? It is your choice of entity and challenge. Be sure to not make it so broad that you can’t address the issues. The following points must be covered:o The critical organizational challengeo The business, organization, or industry involvedo The principle individuals involvedo What caused the challenge?o What actions if any are being done to address the challenge?o Are regulatory bodies involved and if so, to what extent and what is their role?o What actions could be taken? (student’s recommendations – write objectively – DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON – The paper must include a thesis and a conclusion and must be supported by research. APA style is required. A minimum of seven references are required; five of these must be a peer-reviewed references. The paper is to be a minimum of four pages of content and a maximum of six pages. The reference page and the title page do not count in the page count.An Annotated Bibliography is needed as well and does not count as the page requirement. Prepare an annotated bibliography of five articles (peer reviewed) related to either the topic of your paper or theories of organizational behavior and change. The annotation should summarize and assess the book in the citation. The first paragraph provides a brief summary of the author’s project in the book, covering the main points of the work. The second paragraph points out the project’s strengths and evaluates its methods and presentation. This particular annotation does not reflect on the source’s potential importance or usefulness for this person’s own research.Topics to choose from are airline industry, automotive industry, healthcare industry

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