What do you know about the source/author of this article? What is the author’s purpose? Why is the issue important? Who is the intended audience? (Who likely reads the periodical from which the article came?) Note the language of the article. Does any of it seem biased? Why? What are the connotations of the language? What is the writer’s tone? How do you know? Does the writer seem to make any assumptions about his readers and/or about his culture? Was any part of the article obscure to you? Overall, what is your impression of the article’s rhetorical effectiveness? What does the article convey about the time in which it was written?

*** The essay should not read like a list of answers to questions. Use the questions as a guide only. The main point of the essay will be the extent to which you agree or disagree with the author’s main points and why***

Must be 2 pages – Please see article attached

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