Question 76.Which of the following is a determinant-choice question that asks for an answer about the general frequency of occurrence of some phenomenon?(Points : 1) simple-dichotomy question checklist question time-bound question frequency-determination question Question 77.77″What is your gender? ______ M ______ F” is an example of what type of question?(Points : 1) loaded leading fixed-alternative filterQuestion 78.78.A question that screens out respondents who are not qualified to answer a second question is called a _____ question. (Points : 1) preliminary filter qualifying sequencing Question 79.79.Which of the following prevents respondents from continuing with an Internet questionnaire if they fail to answer a question? (Points : 1) variable piping software graphical interface software forced answering software interactive software Question 80.80.”What is your favorite hobby, playing video games, or what?” is an example of what type of question?(Points : 1) loaded pivot filter leading Question 81.81.When a researcher puts the name of each person on a sampling frame list on a 3″ x 5″ card, shuffles the cards thoroughly, and then selects 35 names from the top of the pile of cards for a phone interview study, this is an example of what type of sampling procedure?(Points : 1) judgment sample simple random sample stratified sample area sample Question 82.82.As sample size ______ , random sampling error ______.(Points : 1) increases; increases decreases; decreases increases; decreases increase; remains unchanged Question 83.83.Two types of stratified samples are _____. (Points : 1) primary and secondary positive and negative proportional and disproportional absolute and relative Question 84.84.When a researcher wants to study the members of the American Management Association and selects a sample from its membership list, the membership list is an example of a _____.(Points : 1) reverse directory sampling frame systematic sampling list census Question 85.85.Which sampling technique is an economically efficient sampling technique in which the primary sampling unit is not the individual element in the population but a large cluster of elements? (Points : 1) cluster sampling stratified sampling grouped sampling homogeneous sampling Question 86.86.When a potential respondent ____, he or she gives permission to receive selected e-mail, such as questionnaires, from a company with an Internet presence.(Points : 1) becomes part of an unrestricted sample consents opts in subscribes Question 87.87.A list of elements from which the sample may be drawn is called a _____. (Points : 1) parameter list probability sample population parameter sampling frame Question 88.88.When a company decides to send an Internet survey to all of its 127-member sales force to determine their morale, this is an example of a _____(Points : 1) cluster sample multistage area sample census sample Question 89.89.All of the following are stages in the selection of a sample EXCEPT _____. (Points : 1) analyze data select a sampling frame determine sample size conduct fieldwork Question 90.90.Which of the following refers to any complete group whose members share some common set of characteristics?(Points : 1) sample population stratum cluster Question 91.91.A telephone directory that lists the people in the phone book by their street address instead of by their last name is called a _____.(Points : 1) snowball directory inverse directory reverse directory sampling frame directory Question 92.92.A(n) _____ is a subset, or some part, of a larger population. (Points : 1) slice census element sample Question 93.93.When a local television station sends a crew to interview joggers in the city park on a beautiful spring day, this represents what type of sample?(Points : 1) cluster sample multistage area sample systematic sample convenience sample Question 94.94.Which type of error occurs when certain sample elements are excluded or when the entire population is not accurately represented in the sampling frame? (Points : 1) Type I error sampling frame error statistical error list error Question 95.95.If Delta Airlines selects randomly a set of 40 flights on a given day, and then selects randomly a group of ten passengers on each of these flights to participate in an in-flight survey, the passengers are _____.(Points : 1) PSU census systematic samples secondary sampling units Question 96.96.If a national political pollster selects ten states randomly, then randomly selects five counties within each state, then randomly selects five voting precincts within these counties, then randomly selects five blocks within these precincts, then randomly selects five households for door-to-door interviews about their voting intentions in the next Presidential election, this is an example of what type of sampling procedure?(Points : 1) simple random sample multistage area sample systematic sample nonprobability sample Question 97.97.All of the following are reasons for using a sample EXCEPT _____. (Points : 1) complete enumeration pragmatic reasons accurate and reliable results destruction of test units Question 98.98.A stratified sample in which the sample size for each stratum is allocated according to analytical considerations is called a(n) _____. (Points : 1) disproportional stratified sample unbalanced stratified sample secondary stratified sample analytical sample Question 99.99.When a marketing vice-president tells the marketing department to schedule a test market in Dallas because he feels that this city is “typical” of the composition of the target market for a new product nationally, this is an example of what type of sample?(Points : 1) judgment sample area sample cluster sample convenience sample Question 100.100.All of the following are common sampling criteria EXCEPT _____.(Points : 1) degree of accuracy required size of the population resources available time available to conduct the research

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