Reference the “Turnitin Requirement” section of the course Syllabus (or Using Turnitin for Assignments on the Topic List Page) for general instructions. Please note: You will need to submit the final version of your assignment in the course space as well as to Turnitin.

Purpose and overview:
During this course, you have participated in many rich discussions about the practice of nursing. In this paper, you will reflect over the discussions and select an exemplar to write about. An exemplar is an account of a situation that stands out in one’s mind because of it’s significance. The situation is packed with meaning, positive or negative, and represents an important event, rite of passage, or occurrence to the persons involved. In essence, it is a story of something that has happened to you.
In the situation you describe, you will use both the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance (2010) or the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (2015) to analyze the situation and it’s meaning to you as a professional nurse. There are nine standards of professional performance, use numbers from 7 to 15, which you may reference in your exemplar. You may use one standard, or several. There are 9 statements in the Code of Ethics, again, you may use one or several to analyze the situation and the meaning to you as a professional nurse.

Guidelines for writing the leadership exemplar:

Present the exemplar as a story; use the first person. Describe the situation and your feelings. Include actions you took, lessons learned from the situation. Analyze the situation in light of the ANA Standards of Professional Practice (2010) or ANA Code of Ethics with Interpretive statements (2015). How were the Standards or Code of ethics upheld, met or not met. What are the implications for your future practice and actions as a professional nurse leader? What changes might you make in future practice as a result of this reflection and analysis? Project to changes in your future practice.
Once completed, please submit to your mentor for grading. The submission button is located within the Module 4 section of your courses website.
Format:APA format, exception is the use of the personal pronoun.Maximum of eight double spaced pages.

Grading Rubric

The paper is worth 20% of the grade


PointsThe exemplar: in depth description of nursing situation that is relevant to course content, course discussions, or personal experiences.

Use specific description in your narrative

The exemplar makes a point with story telling.


Reflective commentary: Reflects on the situation in light of the content of the course.

20Analysis in light of ANA Standards of Professional Practice, or Code of Ethics. Identifies standards used to analyze the situation.

Analysis demonstrates application of standards to the situation

20Relates insights learned as a result of course,

Applies readings or class discussions to the situation.

The insights can be demonstrated through

Student online discussions or

Reflection on the observations of nurse leaders.

Projects to the future, relates changes in practice as a result of lessons learned.


APA format and


Grammar and punctuation


Note: These directions and the grading rubric for this assignment will be used to evaluate and grade your assignment. Please refer to the details of each when preparing your assignment.

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