Really need help with this!! Number of outstanding shares (M) 409.1 million Price per share (P) $68 Beta 1.54 Treasury bill rate 0.02% 20-year Treasury bond rate 3.01% 4.70% Cost of debt (ro) 35% Marginal tax rate a. Calculate Devon's WACC. Use the capital asset pricing model and the additional infor- mation given above. Make additional assumptions and approximations as necessary. b. What is Devon's opportunity cost of capital? c. Finally, go to and update your answers to questions (a) and (b). $ 5,973 $ 5,994 Current assets Current liabilities Net property, plant, and equipment 35,169 Long-term debt 10,161 Investments and other assets 9,697 Other liabilities 12,508 Shareholders' equity 22,176 $50,839 $50,839 Total Total

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