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In the article “Retargeting: Personalized marketing you need to know about” author Laurie Macomber explores the latest trend in marketing… ‘Retargeting’.  It seems that retargeting has grown leaps and bounds in the past year or so.

The article gives an in depth review of the following key points on this new marketing tool: What is remarketing –A feature that allows companies to reach consumers who have previously visited their site, and shows them relevant ads. How is remarketing used: Display Network: Show ads to your site visitors while they browse the web. Search ads:  Allows you to expand your reach with additional keywords, set bid adjustments for people who have visited your site, and tailor your ads to them. Google Merchant Center account holders: This approach is powered by your Google Merchant Center account. They include relevant details such as product image, title, and price. Remarketing via mobile apps: Reach consumers mers who have previously visited specific sections of your mobile app, and show ads to them when they use other apps.

Remarketing has been shown to be a very effective digital marketing tactic for companies while, somewhat irritating for consumers. The article analyzes both viewpoints of retargeting from both a consumer and corporate perspective. It also provides cautionary advice.


The study found that current and potential employees rated social and interest values as the most important factors in choosing an organization, or choosing to stay with one.  Employees wanted to feel valued, have good relationships with management and co-workers and enjoy their working environments.   Somewhat surprisingly, economic values

——>Discussion Questions:

Describe an experience that you have had with retargeting.

Have you had any experiences at an organization that led you to stay or leave because of those values?

Did you find the re-targeted ad to be effective or irritating?



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