QUESTION 9 Bill Indorsed his paycheck by blank indorsement. Bill negotiated the instrument to Gil for the purchase of Gil's used car. Gil indorsed the check without recourse” and “pay to Home Depot” then delivered it to Home Depot for a new washer and dryer Home Depot indorsed and deposited in its bank account. In this scenario, who bears the risk of payment based on signature warranty? a Bill only. b. Bill Gil, and Home Depot. c. Only Bill's employer who is the issuer of the check d. Bill and Home Depot. QUESTION 10 A issued a check to B for services rendered B indorsed the check 'Without Recourse” above her signature delivered the check to C for service rendered. C Indorsed the “Without Recourse above his signature. C then altered the amount of the check by 100 dollars. C delivered the check to his bank for deposit. Who is liable on this check (and why) when the drawer refused to pay the altered amount? a. All parties, A, B, and C are liable based on signature liability which flows with the instrument. b. C is liable on the check based on breach of presentment warranty, specifically, the that the instrument has not been altered. c. C is liable based on C's signature in the indorsement Signature liability is absolute. d. The payee, B. is liable based on B's signature in the indorsement and because B is the named payee. QUESTION 11 Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers. Save All Answers

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