Question 5 6 points Save Ans Green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhard, can produce hydrogen when temporarily deprived of sulfur for up to 2 days at a time. A small company needs to purchase equipment costing 51.4 million to commercialize the process. If the company wants to camarote of return of 10 per year and recover its investment in 8 years, what must be the net value of the hydroppo prodon each your IT should be a ber without comme Moving to another question w ov ono Question To finance a new product line, a company that makes high-temperature ball bearings borrowed $1.8 million at 10% per year interest. If the company ropaid the loan in a lump sum amount after 2 years, what the amount of the payment? 2.18 and the amount of interest? Answer should be a ber without com. Moving other w e

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