QUESTION 27 Which of the following statements is true of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1979 a. It established a commission to investigate practices that limited the access of women to the top levels of management in organizations b. It denied the exemptions provided to women under the Wagner Act of 1935 c. It was passed in part to remedy weaknesses in the Family and Medical Leave Act d. It specified that a woman cannot be refused a job or promotion or fired simply because she has had an abortion QUESTION 28 Who among the following is subject to the regulations of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988? a. Holly, who is a fashion designer and runs her own line of garments b. Carla, who works as a senior accountant at a private law firm C. Allen, who works as a bartender in a famous pub d. Brett, who is a truck driver and transports armaments to military bases QUESTION 29 Employees at Border Bookstores, a chain of bookstores, recently held a strike to force their employer to negotiate a labor contract. They demanded higher wages and eight sick leaves in a year instead of the three that they were given. In this context, the gave the employees of Border Bookstores the power to collectively bargain with the organization a. Fair Labor Standards Act b. Occupational Safety and Health Act National Labor Relations Act d. Norris-La Guardia Act

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