Question 22 (1 point) The monetary aggregate M1 refers to: O O all outstanding notes and coin. notes and coin in circulation. notes and coin in circulation + demand deposits. notes and coin in circulation + demand deposits + travelers checks. Save Question 23 (1 point) The primary instrument for controlling money supply: is credit and interest rate ceilings. is open market operations. is the discount rate. is the reserve requirement. Save Question 24 (1 point) Refer to the table below. The unemployment rate is: Total Population Population under the age of 16 Retirees Persons in the military Persons currently incarcerated Full time college students Discouraged workers Persons employed 200 million 40 million 30 million 5 million 15 million 20 million 5 million 80.75 million 03% é o uso 0 9% 0 5% 0 7% Save Question 25 (1 point) Suppose that autonomous expenditures (.e., autonomous consumption planned investment + government spending) for an economy are 120 and the marginal propensity to consume is 0.6. What is the equilibrium level of income? e 400. 300 120. e 200 Save

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