Question 11 10 points Save Answer A Company manufactures and sells one product. The product has the following cost and revenue data, Selling price Per Unit (AED) Variable cost Per Unit (AED) 15 Total fixed expenses per month are as follows: Expenses types AED Advertising 20.000 100,000 Cooling 100,000 Municipality fees The company produced and sold 10,000 units during the month and had no beginning or ending inventories Select the closest correct answers for the below questions from the answers options provided – What is the break-even revenue in dirhams? ATAED 9,000 – How many units would the company have to sell to have a profit of AED 120,000 ? B.140,000 UNITS – If the sales increase by 200 units, by how much should the net operating income (profit) increase? C. AED 5,000 D. TAED 110,000 E. (AED 622,2221 F [10,800 UNITS G. (11,556 UNITS H. (13,800 UNITS] 1 (AED 30.000 J. (AED 540,000

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