Question 1

According to the WTHR Online story in this week’s course materials (

,–-a-lot a team of student researchers from Ball State University’s Clinical Exercise Physiology Program conducted a thorough set of tests on six popular activity trackers.


Should we be concerned about the reliability of the data they tested? Why, or why not?


You should write that we should explain that we should be concerned and the reasons



Question 2


Realizing what matters to a patient incorporates the concept of “co-designing.”

Asking patients, “What matters to you?” rather than just “What’s the matter with you?” is, at first glance, a simple word change—but is it? What are the considerations?

According to the WIHI video resource in this week’s course content, “It’s just as much a symbol as a process.” What does that mean to you?







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Question 1: Activity Trackers

It is often very important to identify the level of activity that people are doing. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of diseases that people are getting that are associated with fitness. This includes issues like obesity as well as diabetes. This is something that has increased the needs for one to be able to measure their activity level in an effort to determine the level of health they have…..


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