Question 1 (1 point) A professional accountant’s most important assets are: Question 1 options: Question 2 (1 point) Should we pursue personal success: Question 2 options: Question 3 (1 point) The Code of Conduct indicates that integrity is measured interms of what is: Question 3 options: Question 4 (1 point) The relationship between justice and society is be described asfollows: Question 4 options: Question 5 (1 point) Which virtue(s) can be compelled by force? Question 5 options: Question 6 (1 point) Per the Code of Professional Conduct, Integrity cannotaccommodate Question 6 options: Question 7 (1 point) If no one could rely on the accuracy of financial reporting Question 7 options: Question 8 (1 point) Per Adam Smith, most people have a strong sense of justicebecause: Question 8 options: Question 9 (1 point) The Code of Professional Conduct Article III requires: Question 9 options: Question 10 (1 point) Per Adam Smith, Justice is the virtue that: Question 10 options: . . .

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