Summer 2014 Course Title: Project Planning and Scheduling (MGT 267) Assignment: Case 1 Your work should be submitted as a single PDF file using the Assignments tool in Blackboard. File Naming Convention: The file name must be C1_DE_LastnameFirstinitial.pdf, or C1_FB_LastnameFirstinitial.pdf, depending on whether you are in the distance (DE) or the campus (FB) course. Points will be deducted if the file-naming format is not followed exactly. If you do  accidentally post to the wrong folder, please post it to the correct folder and then send an  email to me so that your incorrectly posted file can be removed. Please read and follow the instructions very carefully. In completing this assignment  the questions should be answered as if you are preparing a managerial reports for inclusion in a project planning folder. This means that instead of simply providing  individual short answers to the case questions you should format your work as business documents or memosUsing the planning and scheduling information you have been given, prepare a planning  folder including the following as part of the documents to be submitted to project board (SPM): ? A PID or Project Initiation Document. ? A base line schedule taking into account the resources needed and specific availability levels which you recommend for each resource required, making sure the project duration is not stretched more than 10 percent of original PCT (time only analysis) in calendar days. Provide enough evidence to support your case and how you did arrive at the recommended baseline schedule. As a minimum you need to include all the basic reports e.g. Gant Chart, ND, Activity Schedule and RLCs… ? A cash flow report and graph for the project baseline schedule for the first quarter and the whole duration of the project, assuming that commitment for materials and other direct charges are made at the start of the activity but that arrivals of purchased goods are uniformly distributed through the duration of the activity. After 32 weeks of implementing your base-lined schedule you have received the attached information through progress monitoring of the project: ? Analyze cost and schedule performance of the project for potential problems from planning and scheduling point of view or perspective comparing and contrasting any method or tools you have learned (EVM and EDM etc.). ? Should the executive committee take any action? Why? If at this stage the management decides to finish the project 10 weeks sooner than  the present schedule, what would be your suggestion and how do you go about it. Make some specific recommendations for achieving the project objective, analyze, document and assess your approach. You may not change the logic or use fast tracking. Source: Project Management a Managerial Approach by Meredith Mantel with major modifications.Assessment Criteria: Your work will be assessed based on the following criteria. So please make sure that you make every effort to present your assignment incorporating all the following measures. Case 2 100 points Data and presentation 10 Calculation, correct solution, and analysis 70 Comments and discussion of the findings 20 Total 100

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