Production budget Arrington Inc. As you can see, I did not get most of them correct. This starts the rest of the budget with the figures I need correcf. please help. 🙂 Thanks!!
Sales Budget Production Budget Direct Muls Budget Direct br Budget Factory OH Budget Selling Exp Budget Admin Exp Budget Cost of Goods Sold Income Statement Requirement: Prepare the production budget for Arrington Inc.. Company policy calls for a given quarter's ending finished goods inventory to equal 90% of the next quarter's expected unit sales. The finished goods inventory at the end of the prior year is 1,215 units, which complies with the policy. Expected sales (in units) for the current year are: 1,350 (Quarter 1), 900 (Quarter 2), 1,200 (Quarter 3), and 1,200 (Quarter 4). Sales for the first quarter of the following year total 1,800 units. Show less Arrington Inc. Production Budget For the year ended December 31, 2018 Second Fourth Otr Total First Qtr. 1,3503 DOS 1.215 Next qtr's budgeted sales (units) Ratio of inventory to future sales Budgeted ending inventory (units) Budgeted sales (units) Required units of available production Budgeted beginning inventory (units) Units to be produced 333 Sales Budget Direct Mts Budget >

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