problem1 WAZ 1436/829 modified, For a telephone survey, a marketing research group needs to contact at least 600 wives, 480 husbands, 400 single adults females, and 440 single adults males It cost $4 to make a daytime call and (because of higher labor cost ) $10 to make an evening call the table below lists the results that can be expected for example 30% of the daytime calls are answered by a wife, because of the limited staff, at most half of the calls can be evening calls Determine how to minimize the cost of completing the survey Phoned data

Person responding % of daytime calls % of evening calls

Wife 30 30

Husband 10 30

Single female 10 15

Single Male 10 20

None 40 5

Formulate the decision question as a linear programming model/ Define the variables,

write down the constraints and the objective function in mathematical terms (variables, inequalities etc,), set up an excel spread sheet and find the answer using Solver

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