Problem (20 points total) Dijkstra's shortest-path algorithm Consider the following network. With the indicated link costs, use Dijkstra's shortest-path algorithm to compute the shortest path from E to all network nodes. (15 points) Show how the algorithm works by filling out the table. a) H 14 B 4 9 2 2 3 2 A 4 2 E In the following table, N: set of nodes whose least-cost path from the source is definitively known. D(v): cost of the path from the source node to destination v that has currently (as of current iteration of the algorithm) thec least cost. p(v): previous node (neighbor of v) along the current least-cost path from the source to v. Answer: DII).p(1I) D(G).p(G) D(E).p(E) D(D).p(D) D(C).p(C) D(A),p(A) D(B).p(B) step (points) N 6, F 1, F 3, F OC OC 1 (5 points) 2 (4 points) 3 (2 points) 4 (2 points) (1 points) (1 points) b) (5 points) Show the shortest path from F to all network nodes on the figure above. (use the mark HHH between the nodes)

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