Problem (10 Points) Selected data for Young Company for 2009 is presented below SO Direct la red Indirect labor incurred Factory depreciation Depreciation on Orice equipment Indirect materials used Direct materials used Property taxes on factory building Sales commissions What is the manufacturing overhead for 2009? Sood 7.000 200 12.000 3.000 8.000 Problem 4. (5 points) Use the appropriate letter(s) to indicate if the following costs would be on the Income Statement. Use more than one letter for each answer when appropriate. A. B. service company. merchandising company. manufacturing company. C. Revenue Salaries expense Customer service expense Cost of goods manufactured Cost of goods sold Problem 5. (5 points) Match the following terms with the examples given below for a publishing compan Terms maybe used more than once. A. Direct materials B. Indirect materials C. Indirect labor D. Direct labor E. Other manufacturing costs Depreciation on equipment Glue for book bindings Property taxes on manufacturing plant Book covers Machine operators' wages Plant supervisor's salary

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