Problem 1.1: Environment representation

What representation does the metacircular evaluator use for environments?

Please be specific. An English description will suffice; however, your answer will be stronger if you also provide examples.

Problem 1.2: Defining the primitives

What top-level define contains the list of primitives supported by the metacircular interpreter? Please name the variable.

Problem 1.3: Extending the environment

The function setup-environment is used to create the initial global environment used by the metacircular interpreter. For later problems, it will be convenient to add your own definitions to the initial global environment. The most convenient way to do this is to call eval-definition with the appropriate arguments from within the function setup-environment. If you were to add a definition in this manner, what arguments would you pass to eval-definition to add the following top-level define to the initial global environment? You may give your answer in the form of a Scheme expression. (define (not x) (if x false true))

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