Prob 5-26 Name:______________________________________ Journal Entries Enter the journal entries for items a) through l). Use the pull-down menus on the 2). T-Accounts Post relevant information from journal entries above to appropriate t-accounts. Materials Inventory Beg. Bal. – Overhead Control – Work in Process Beg. Bal. – Finished Goods Beg. Bal. – 3). Jerico Company Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured For the Month Ended May 31, 20XX Direct materials Direct labor Overhead: Supplies Indirect labor Depreciation, plant and equipment Property taxes Utilities, factory Insurance $- Plus: Overapplied overhead Overhead applied – Manufacturing costs added $- Add: beginning work in process Less: ending work in process Cost of goods manufactured $- 4). If the overhead variance is all allocated to cost of goods sold, by how much will cost of goods sold decrease or increase?

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