Pro Weave manufactures stadium blankets by passing the products through a weaving department and a sewing department. The following information is available regarding its June Inventories materials inventory Work in process inventory Work in process Inventory-Seine Finished goods Inventory Seginning Tventory $ 132,000 420,00 S . 1.425,000 mentory 5 251.000 475.00 225.000 1,206,000 The following additional information describes the company's manufacturing activities for June $ 530,000 3,350,000 156,00 materials purchases on credit Factory payroll cost paid in cash) Other factory overhead cost other accounts credited) Materials used Direct-weaving Direct-Sewing $ 250,000 156,000 Labor used Direct-eaving Direct-sewing Indirect Overhead rates as a percent of direct labor $1,325,000 50.000 1,635.000 Sales on credit) $5,050,000 1. Prepare journal entries dated June 30 to record: a) raw materials purchases, direct materials usage. (c) indirect materials usage (d) direct labor usage, le) indirect labor usage, if other overhead costs, igl overhead applied, and the payment of total payroll costs View ansactions Journal entry worksheet Record the purchase of raw materials on account General Journal Debit Credit Cey View Journal entry worksheet Journal entry worksheet Record the cost of director incurred, but not yet paid. Note: Enter debits before credits Transaction General Journal Debt Credit Record entry Clear entry View ournal Journal entry worksheet Journal entry worksheet Record the cost of indirect labor incurred, but not yet pald. Record the cost of other overhead crot Other accounts Nobet Enter debts before credits Transaction General Journal Debit Credit Hecordertry Ceny View general journal Journal entry worksheet

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