Private exclusive clubs are non-profit 501c7 clubs and are
regulated by:

the Federal Trade Commission.
antitrust legislation.
Internal Revenue Service.
Department of Commerce.

Question 2. Question
The game of golf originated in the country of Ireland.

Question 3. Question
A committee which is permanent with the organization and
helps the club conduct on-going business is a(n):

ad hoc committee.
standing committee.
by-laws committee.
association committee.

Question 4. Question
The average golfer’s age is:

Student Answer: 26.

Question 5. Question
The primary reason for joining a private club/country club
versus a golf club is:

the social aspects.
corporate membership opportunities.
convenience/proximity to home.
high quality golf course.

Question 6. Question
Which of the following are not market drivers in the golf
and club industry?

Condition of the course
Turf grass conditions
Quality of food offered


Question 7. Question
The goal of a public club is to provide a level of service
that is rarely found elsewhere in order to keep the individual in a membership
that will last a lifetime.

Question 8. Question
In addition to earning a college degree, a person in the
club management career track should connect with which trade associations for
further certification?

Club Managers Association of America
United States Tennis Association
All of the above

Question 9. Question
Indirect participation in the recreational sport industry is
attributed to:

direct participants.
sports marketers.
corporate involvement.

Question 10. Question
Many are interested in recreation activities for a variety
of reasons, which include:

social interaction.
all of the above.

Question 11. Question
Community-based recreation is bound by the implication that
people at what level are bound together in their common interests for


Question 12. Question
Which American president is credited with the development of
the National Parks system with the establishment of Yellowstone Park in 1872?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Theodore Roosevelt
Ulysses S. Grant


Question 13. Question
When discussing the role the private sector in recreation,
we are discussing what ________ groups are doing to provide jobs and services
to allow people to enjoy their experiences in the outdoors.


Question 14. Question
University-operated outdoor recreation programs offer what
kinds of employment opportunities to student employees?

Student Answer: Program marketing
Account finance
Personal instruction
All of the above

Question 15. Question
Therapeutic recreation centers often look for people who
have experience in:

physical education.
social work.
both A and C.

Question 16. Question
The role of public recreation at the local level is
increasingly one of ______ service.


Question 17. Question
State forests, state parks, national forests and national
parks are representative of private forms of recreation.

Question 18. Question
Direct participation in recreational sport includes:

off-site merchandising.
ambush marketing.
a mountain bike race.

Question 19. Question
Obtaining informed participant consent is not required for
people to participate in recreation programs and make informed decisions as to
their participation.

Question 20. Question
Because of concerns with the urban environment surrounding
children, the “Fresh Air” campaign allowed children to travel to the
country for camping opportunities.

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