“Our international education system is critical in Australia’s economic prosperity as we continue to transition from an economy built on the success of the mining and construction boom to an economy based on knowledge, services and innovation”
Minister Birmingham
The main purpose of this research is to explore how some factors may influence the level of satisfaction held by students in business from three very different cultural origins when they choose to undertake business courses in Australia.
As per previous theoretical frameworks, satisfied base of clientele helps in achieving greater success through monetary as well as non-monetary benefits. The same is also a very significant strategic variable as far as the educational institutions are concerned (Donaldson and Runciman, 1995). Global competitive level for the entities in the education industry calls for them to ensure that the students are well satisfied through providing quality to the existing and future students. In this research project, a discussion will be done to identify the various factors level of satisfaction held by the overseas students in Australia. For the companies in the services industry, the parameters which influence the satisfaction of the individuals are quality and performance of the education system, family structure, and religion.These factors are very important in view of the fact that all

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