Powerpoint presentation with 4 slides

For this speech, I am asking that you address the following question:What is the most important quality –the singlemost important quality –a healthcare professional will need to possess in order to be successful?The purpose of this speechis to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learned about speech preparation and delivery. •I will be paying particular attention to your delivery when assessing this speech. That’s not to say your content isn’t important and won’t be assessed –it is and will. But, you should be focusing on delivering a natural, honest, believable, and engaging presentation that shows you’ve thought about your points, arranged them logically, and presented them clearly. The specific purpose of this speech is asking you to share your opinion. •While that means there may be no right answer, you certainly cannot make your answer “peanut butter.” Given the requirements below, you will need to be able to explain/defend your answer with three reasons. So, you need to choose your “quality” wisely!Additional requirements:1.Speech must be between 3 and 5 minutes;2.Speaker should use 2 and no more than 4 visual aids (if you use PPT, you may not use more than 4 slides)3.Your speech must have a clear introduction, body, and conclusiona.Introduction should have an attention getting statement and purpose (thesis statement)b.You should have three main points to support your purpose (thesis) statement; consider the “point, reason, example” methodc.Your conclusion should restate your purpose (thesis) statement and tie back to your attention getting statement from the introduction.4.You need to make eye contact with the audience (webcam); vary your speaking tone and style; move naturally; and practice, practice, practice!5.Record your speech using the Kaltura tool in Blackboard.6.Speech must be submitted into the dropbox in Week 5 and in the Formative Speech Blog in the main menu of our course.7.T

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