please write on paper with detailed explanation. working notes form part of answer

please check it is clear ollowing are the draft Bal 1.03.2015 the dra aft Balance Sheets of A Ltd. and B Ltd. at he following adjustments were not yet ma Stock worth 5,000 in B Ltd. was found to be no value. B Ltd. was found to be obsolete with A Ltd. acquires an asset costing 50,000 on 31.0. effect has been given for both the purchase and paymen Year A Ltd. sold an asset for ? 60,000 (original cost 40,000). The profit was included in the revenue profit. Debtors of A Ltd. included a sum of 50.000 owed by B Ltd. ou are required to prepare the consolidated Balance Sheet of oth the companies as on 31.03.2015 after giving effect to the bove adjustments. A Ltd. B Ltd. Particulars Rs. In Rs. In 1 SLC 3.00 0.85 0.29 0.81 4.95 LEQUITY AND LIABILITIES 1 Shareholders' funds (a) Share Capital Equity shares of Rs. 100 each 6.00 (b) Reserves & Surplus Capital Reserve (Capital Profit) 0.80 Other Reserve (Revenue reserve) 3.20 Current liabilities (a) Trade payables 1.50 TOTAL 11.50 ASSETS Non-current assets a) Fixed Assets 5.00 Non-current investments G Trade Investment Investment in equity instruments 2400 shares in B Ltd.) 3.00 nvestment in equity instruments 1200 shares in A Ltd.) 0.40 2.00 1.10 h and cash equivalents TOTAL 11.50 1.50 2.00 (5) Trade urrent Assets Inventories rade receivables 0.30 0.80 0.95

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