University of Washington Bothell Science and lechnology Program B EE 341Discrete-time Linear Svstems Lab 4: FFT and Filterin This lab introduces the concept of representing discrete-time signals in frequency- domain using FFT 1. MATLAB function FFT MATLAB has a function to compute the fast Fourier Transform of signals and systems. The FFT of the signal x[n] can be computed as First, use the help feature in MATLAB to learn the syntax of the fft function. The FFT function computes the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of a sequence. In general the FFT of a sequence will be a complex function so you will need to look at the magnitude and phase separately. The MATLAB commands abs and angle are useful for obtaining the magnitude and phase of a complex valued sequence. Also, since the FFT only has values at discrete frequencies, it may be useful to do the plots with stem to reinforce that idea, but continuous frequency plots (i.e. using plot) are often used since they are closer to the DTFT that you are ultimately interested in. The FFT outputs a sequence that represents the signal in the frequency range 0 sa

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