Please reply to a classmate's post. 100 words minimum. Thank you in advance!

During the foundations week, I had the possibility to learn the new stuff about the USARMY Leadership, English writing, American Psychological Association (APA) Style, and Military Briefing Techniques. Thanks to the very professional instructors I have now the better knowledge about the U.S. Army Leadership, I can write APA style paper and to deliver an information briefing. These lessons and the practical exercise will help me during my course.

I think that the initial writing exercises in Foundations will help me during the journey in the Course and I will be able to write different paper in different topics using the APA style. APA style is a very great tool how to write in a professional way and push me in deeper research while I am doing my research. The lessons I have learned here, will not only help me to be more successful during the first semester but, I think it will be a great element to successfully complete my Course. The experience that I will win here I will try to apply in my unit when I return to Kosovo.

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