Please read the case below and help answer the following questions.

Debbie Brooks and Martha Tingstorm lived together. Tingstorm handled their finances. For five years, Brooks did not look at any statements concerning her accounts. When she finally reviewed the statements, she discovered thatTingstorm had taken $85,500 from Brook's checking account with Transamerica Financial Advisors. Tingstorm had forged Brook's name on six checks paid between one and two years earlier. Another year passed before Brook's filed a suit against Transamerica.

1. What is the case about? (Answer in a brief concise summary no longer than 5 sentences.)

2. What practical legal suggestions did you learn from this case that would be of use to a business person or to an individual and their personal life? (Answer in one or two sentences.) (NOTE: An example of a practical legal suggestion is as follows: Make sure that all written contracts that you sign include all of the essential terms and all of the terms and conditions that you have verbally agreed to.)

3. How can this practical legal suggestion be applied in your own personal life or in the business of life of some employer that you worked for? (Answer in 3 to 4 sentences.)

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