PLEASE I NEED HELP with peer review, Below is the resume and the form, and take a very close look at resume, responding to the prompts on the form..

Professional Summary

My goal in life is to be successful by p roviding for people and satisfying their needs with exceptional

respect and courtesy. I am currently enrolled at OCC with a transfer program to

UIC University. I plan to continue my education in order to obtain a degree in Business Management

and further my career, along with my managerial skills from my years of excelling at Cici’s.

Special event catering professional

Knowledge of inventory practices

Management and leadership experience

Strong client-interaction skills

Organizing data and compiling summaries and


Service-oriented team player

Neat and clean in appearance

Knowledge of standard portion sizes and


Honest, trustworthy and punctual

Food Standards enforcement

Restaurant Manager, 08/2011 to Current

Cicis – Niles, IL

Carefully interviewed, selected, trained and supervised staff.

Carefully developed a lucrative annual food and beverage marketing plan and strict budget to

maximize profits.

Correctly calculated inventory and ordered appropriate supplies.

Recognized and formally acknowledged outstanding staff performance to boost company morale

and productivity.

Promoted a positive atmosphere and went above and beyond to guarantee each customer received

exceptional food and service.

Effectively managed payroll and timekeeping, including completion of the proper paperwork for

new hires and terminations.

Promoted the business through participation in and sponsorship of community events.

Hostess, 04/2012 to 05/2013




Pequod’s Pizza – Morton Grove, IL

Answered telephone calls and responded to inquiries.

Assigned patrons to tables suitable for their needs and according to rotation.

Assisted in maintaining preparation and service areas in a sanitary condition

Cleaned and organized eating, service, and kitchen areas

Associate of Arts: 2018

Oakton Community College – Des Plaines, IL

Manager of the Month- June 2017

Manager of the Month- January 2018

Food Safety/Handling Certified


1. What can the writer do to make the resume better tailored to the specific job being applied for?

2. Does the resume avoid generalities and focus on specific information and professional terminology? Where might this be improved?

3. Does the resume quantify experience whenever possible? How might this be improved?

4. Do bulleted items begin with strong action verbs and use parallel structure? Is there overuse of bulleted lists?

5. Is the resume too short? Where can it elaborate? Job skills? Responsibilities? Education?


6. Are the major sections sequenced in order of importance and relevance? How might they be reordered?

7. Is the most important information located on the left side of the page and near the top whenever possible? Does anything need to move?

Layout and Design:

8. Are the layout and design pleasing to the eye? What do you like? Make at least one suggestion for improving it.

9. Does the resume fit comfortably within the page (as opposed to being squished in or stretched

out)? What can the writer do to improve the use of white space?

10. Is it easily readable? (Can you find what you’re looking for in under thirty seconds?) What

improvements can be made?

11. Does it use typography (including headers, bold, and italics) appropriately and effectively?

How might it improve?

12. Does the resume pass the squint test? (The squint test was covered in a screencast.)


13. What other observations can you make?

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