Please help me to solve this choice questions, the important thing is to explain your answer, why you choose this answer, thanks a lot!! Question 1 Which of the following declaration is valid in the Java Collections Framework? Answer saved Select one: Marked out of HashSet(); Flag question = new Set<>); Set map = new Map<> () Question 2 Which of the following exceptions is unchecked? Not yet answered Select one: Marked out of ClassNotFoundException 1.00 IndexOutOf BoundsException Flag question IllegalAccessException NoSuchMethodException Question 3 If the class Monster declared as an interface, with Ghost, Zombie, and Lecturer as classes that implement Monster, which f the following declarations is valid? Not yet answered Select one: Marked out of Monster myScariestMonster; 1.00 C Monster myZombie = new Monster(); P Flag question Ghost myG=new Mammal); Zombie myZombieGhost = new Ghost() Question 4 Which of the following example of the programming construct of iteration? is an Not yet answered Select one: Marked out of for 1.00 System.out.println Flag question if switch

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