please give the Python code of the questions using numpy and matplotlib
signal sTi] 1-((i-6)/5)2 for i =1,.., 11. (a) Construct and print the true (b) Construct and print the noisy signal d[i] = š[i]+ random([-0.1,0.1]) for i = 1, …, 11. (c) The smoothed signal is computed as ğ[1] = d[1], a[11] = d[11] at the endpoints and ali]= (d[i-1]+d(i]+d[i+ 1]) everywhere else. Construct and print the smoothing matrix S implementing the smoothing method above. (d) Compute and print the smoothed signal q using the noisy signal d and the smoothing matrix S. as (e) Plot the noisy (d) and the smoothed (a) signals together in the same figure

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