Please give me the correct answer with necessary calculations

2. Doggie company has the following production budget for one of the products for the first quarter of 2016:

Month production

January 18300

February 15500

March 12000

Each units required 2 pounds material K9 which cost $5 per pound. Doggie has 1000 pounds of K9 on hand on December 31, 2015, and wants an inventory of K9 equal to 10% percent of the need month’s production requirements. What is the cost of K9 purchased in February?

a. 176400

b. 188600

c. 152400

d. 193600

3. The production budget is required to prepare all of the following budgets except :

A.the overhead budget.

B.the selling and administrative budget.

C.the labor budget

D.the materials purchase budget.

5 – 10 points aper Manufactu anufacturing produces pillows for patio furniture. Cooper maintains an inventory equal op of the following month's sales. The sales forecast for the April through July of 2019 is below. Assuming an inventory of 60 pillows on April 1, how many pillows should Cooper duce in April, May and June? 20% of given bele May fab June July April 750 the 520 460 ending 600 120 104 April Beginie to May Total June Each pillow requires 2 pounds of foam filling. Cooper maintains an inventory of foam equal to 70% of the following month's production needs. Cooper will have 400 pounds of foam in inventory on April 1. Assume the monthly production of pillows is as follows: April May 560 June 430 July 400 700 How many pounds of foam must Cooper purchase in April, May and June? April May June

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