Please filter your search by your pathway, by selecting sectors (industries) that are in your pathway. Select an industry that you are interested in, and a US company. Once you find a company report that you’re interested in, open and read the introduction to the report. Scan through the report, as needed, in order to answer the following questions. What is the name of your company? What industry is it in? What is your pathway. Why did you select his company? Describe one initiative that this company is working on in the area of CSR. What do you think the impact of this company’s policy will be on their short-term and long-term profits? Discuss what your knowledge of CSR was before this assignment and how this assignment has impacted your view of CSR. Include any personal experience you have had with CSR as an employee or other stakeholder.

Please site the source of your information. You may use other sites in addition to the one provided above.

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