Please construct a decision tree for the following data set that is discussed in the class. Attribute “Class Label” will be the label for the decision tree construction. Note: There various trees according to different construction strategies that are the optimized methods to build your decision tree based on your understanding of the knowledge learned in the class. And if it's necessary, please add some statement to explain your applied. Try are to use strategy Aerial Creature Legs Name Body Skin Gives Birth Aquatic Has Hibernates Class Label Cover Creature Human WB Hair Y N N Y N Mammal Python CB Scales N N Reptile Fish Salmon CB Scales N N Fish Whale WB Hair N Mammal Y Semi Frog CB None N Y Amphibian Komodo Scales N N Reptile CB N N Y Eel CB Scales Y N Fish N Mammal Bat WB Hair Y Y Y Pigeon Feathers Y Bird WB N Y N Cat WB Fur N N N Mammal Shark CB Scales Y Fish Turtle CB Scales Semi N N Reptile Semi Penguin WB Feathers N Y Bird Quills N Mammal Porcupine WB Y N Y Y Semi Salamander CB None N Y Y Amphibian z z

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