Question #1. Are the following risk comparisons effective or ineffective and why?

a) “The risk of getting skin cancer is 150% more now than it was in the year 2005”

b) “The risk from living for 20 years by a PVC plant is equivalent to that of smoking 1.5 cigarettes per day”

c) “The risk of illness from air pollution in Windsor is 25% less than that from air pollution in Detroit”

d) “Living with a smoker only adds 0.5% to the normal cancer rates”

e) “The risk of exposure to benzene throughout the construction of this project is low since the concentrations level are less than the government standard”

Question #2. Although it has been shown that there are a large number of benefits associated with redeveloping Brownfield sites, there is often a ‘stigma’ associated with these properties. Discuss what is meant by ‘stigma’ in this case and give an example situation.

Question #3. Explain the following statement: Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is not resource-limited but is technology-limited. (Ch. 12, Q1, from your textbook)

Question #4. When are electricity and hydrogen “climate neutral”? Can electricity or hydrogen produced using energy from coal be climate-neutral? Why or why not? (Ch. 10, Q7, from your textbook)

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