a) Pick a problem domain and describe it (Your choice)You are free to choose a problem domain for this assignment. Possible choices are ATMs and libraries, car rental company, doctor’s office, etc. Give a short description of the problem domain and sketch the task of a computer System that is added to it, between half a page and one page of text.b) Write brief use case DescriptionWrite a brief use case (name, actors, goal, and short description) for the computer System in your problem domain. You should concentrate on the basic functionality of the system and ignore bells and whistles. Order/prioritize the use cases according to their relative importance for the development of the system.c) Draw the use case diagramDepict one use case in a use case diagram. (Ex: Dentist Visit System may have three: Appointment use case, Payment Use Case, Filing Insurance use case, etc.)d) Draw an activity diagramDraw one UML activity diagram from your use case diagram. Represent the flow of events graphically.Deliverables1. Problem Domain Description (Your Selection)2. Use Case Description3. use case diagram (Pick one use case to draw)4. activity diagram (Draw activity diagram on the use case in #3)

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