Persuade me as your professor of that your topic is appropriate for the assignment and has stellar merits for your community. Make sure to cover these elements, in this order:Summary of proposed topic.Clarification why the topic is important to your community.Clarification of recipient(s) and why you are writing to them. Here are examples of appropriate addressees: You are writing to the mayor about the benefits of creating a community garden in your neighborhood. You are writing to the senior librarian in the neighborhood library to start story hours for pre-schoolers. You are writing to your pastor because you want your church to host political debates.

Further help from the Purdue OWL: Letters (audience, purpose, format, samples):






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My topic concerns the development of a community college in the area where I reside in order to serve the people of this community. The definition of a community college is that of an institution that offers two year high education and lower level tertiary education. They are mostly community based organizations that mostly accept students from the community where they are based. They are in most cases also funded by the community that they serve and this makes them public property (White, 2010). There is …..


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