In the same BlueJ project, create another class named MathPrinter (remember to use the exact name). • Your program should print the sum of the first five odd numbers: (1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9) • Then on the next line, print the product of the same five numbers. (Product means multiply. You use the symbol '*' to multiply in Java. • Do not do the math on a calculator or in your head and simply display the answer. Have the computer do the work by doing the calculations inside a System.out.println() statement

PART C In the same project, create a new class called CatPrinter (remember that Java is case-sensitive, so use the exact name). In this program, you will display the word cat in English, Spanish, and Japanese Hiragana. The completed final version will look exactly as shown. | *CAT** *GATO* | *72 E ** The “|” is called a pipe and is located above the Return (Enter) key.

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