PART 2: (15 points) Draw a conceptual data model (ERD) to capture information in the following document. (Hints: list all attributes, group related attributes to entities, draw ERD) CASH SALE INVOICE WAREN DISTRIBUTING, INC. 1978 Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60612 (312) 349-0407 INVOICE NO. FIRM NAME Invoice Date Prepared By ATTENTION OF oorou ADDRESS Customer Purchase Order Number Shipment Date Shipped Via Bill of Lading No. BO 10 = Hack order will be shipped shortly horty 60 = Being apped in Date NO – Not available item no longer stocked. SO – m en substituted Signed By PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PPED UNIT PRICE IMPORTANT: ALL RETURNS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 10 DAYS AND ACCOM PANIED BY AN INVOICE COPY AND PACKED IN THE ORIGINAL CARTON TOTAL SALE CUSTOMER CHECK NO. INVOICE VERIFIED BY CUSTOMER Page 2 of 2

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