PART 1 INSTRUCTOR USE ONLY 10003070) 450 460 2010 SOCO 1. – . 2. cool 43. Which of the following is a positive externality? A. Sam dug & pond so he could go fishing but the pond has contributed to an explosion of mosquitoes in your neighborhood. B. Sam has dozens of cats, and they come into your yard to heat the birds that come to your birdbath C. Sam buys a dilapidated bouse renovate it and increases the property values of All homes in the neighborhood D. Liquid waste from Sam's chicken farm flows into a neighbor's well water 44. An individual is MOST likely to be a free rider when a good is: A private. B. nonexcludable. C. nonrival. D. artificially scarce. 45. The best example of a common resource is: A. public education. B. a municipal library. C. clean water. D. cable television programming. 46. BONUS: For one bonus point, use the space below to draw something the instructor will find enter taining. If you do not wish to do so, write “Please give me one bonus point” in the space below.

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